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Starting at an early age, a guy tends to be pretty proud of his erect penis and the tricks that it can do. For some men, this pride may take the form of exhibitionism: displaying the penis (erect or flaccid) to another person or persons, often in public or semi-public situations. (Hopefully, men understand that an erect penis isn't enough for praise; maintaining good penis health can help make one's penis something worthy of being displayed.) Exhibitionism becomes a problem when a man prominently exposes his penis in a situation in which such an action is not desired - or, in many cases, is not legal.

Many men practice their exhibitionism in a safe way, which means not encroaching upon the rights and feelings of other people. The following are a few of the situations in which phallic display can be considered safe.

- In the locker room. Being in the changing room, shower room or sauna at a gym naturally affords a man the opportunity to walk around without clothing, so the locker room can be a great place for an exhibitionist to let it all hang out. It's also not uncommon for friends in a locker room to focus attention on and comment about (usually in a mock-derogatory manner) each other's equipment, which can be a plus for many exhibitionists. However, it's important to remember that even in this setting, some exhibitionist practices (such as masturbating or displaying in a coercive manner) are not appropriate.

- At a nudist beach or resort. Clearly, clothing-optional beaches or nudist resorts are natural places for a man to exhibit his wares. However, a guy needs to realize that neither of these situations may be appropriate for a man with a raging hard-on. While some degree of erection is considered acceptable in these locations, in general it's expected that such a state will be of limited duration. Men who become hard and flaunt the fact or who masturbate are not generally welcome.

- In booths at adult book stores. Many adult book stores feature booths where patrons can view explicit videos. Not surprisingly, most men engage in self-gratification while in these booths. Sometimes, patrons have cut peepholes between the booths in order to watch their neighbors; some booths even come equipped with plastic walls that watsons robitussin enable consenting patrons in separate booths to watch each other as they masturbate.

- By skinny-dipping. Swimming naked gives many people a wonderful sense of freedom and liberation. If one has a private swimming area or can find a safely secluded spot, skinny-dipping with a partner or group of friends can be a wonderful experience.

- Jack and Jill parties. Many cities have private organizations that hold meetings specifically for their members to masturbate. When open to both sexes, it is generally referred to as a Jack and Jill club. Most such clubs have rules for cleanliness and hygiene, as well as about what is and is not allowed in terms of behavior.

- Role playing. Couples who are into exhibitionism can explore role playing as an option. This is especially useful for men with a desire to be exposed in a risky public situation. The couple creates a scenario that would be illegal in public and acts it out in the privacy of their own home. The power of imagination and fantasy cannot be underestimated.

Some exhibitionism of an erect penis is normal for a man, with many guys fulfilling this desire through simple one-on-one sexual contact. Whether putting the package on display for one partner or for a group, however, it pays to regularly use a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help maintain the organ in its best shape. A penis with adequately hydrated skin is going to have a nice glow and, more importantly, will lack dry, flaky patches that mar its otherwise impressive appearance. A crème that contains the high-end emollient Shea butter can be a superb way of providing moisturization to any member. Many penises often also feature broken capillaries as a result of rough handling. A crème that contains L-arginine should be used to help with this issue and restore the tool to its eye-catching appearance.

If you suffer from unexplainable recurring health problems such as headaches, irritability, depression or any other persistent ailment, you may be working or sleeping on or above a ley line. Such lines are a source of potentially harmful 'slow' frequency energy.

Slow frequency energies can easily infiltrate and distort the body's electromagnetic field. Some of these energies are generated outside our home and others originate from within our home or work environment. These include geographic stress points, ley lines and distorted ground energies.

Sleeping on a ley line can be particularly harmful since such a source of energy can disrupt the body's biochemical processes and energy systems for as many as 8-10 hours each day. Disharmony in relationships and diseases of body and mind are more likely to occur if you are exposed to such disruptive energies for extended periods of time, such as several years. Genetic weaknesses or latent physical problems can suddenly manifest themselves as migraines, ulcers, varicose veins or cancer. Placing a small mirror that faces the current and direction of a ley line or moving the bed away from such a stress line can lead to sudden recovery. The following are some examples of line problems that were resolved by simply moving the bed:

Over the past few years I have visited many homes and offices where these lines have caused physical and psychological problems. In most cases, just placing a small mirror to neutralize the effects of a ley line, or slightly moving the bed or office chair, led to marked improvements of these conditions, and in some cases even to complete recovery.

I consider it important to have one's home or working place checked for such disturbances as they may not only contribute to ill health but also cause it. There are an increasing number of experts who are able to identify the exact position of such lines, although the method of mirror placement is less known. You may contact your nearest center for alternative therapies; they may be able to put you in touch with a reliable and trustworthy ley line specialist. If in doubt, whether or not a ley line affects your health, you may move your bed and/or desk chair by one to two feet for a few days. If this makes a difference in how you feel, you have given yourself a great gift of health.

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